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Welcome to the
Desk & Derrick Club of the Westbank

Chartered in 1976, the Desk and Derrick Club of the Westbank was started in order to provide employees of the many oil-field related companies on the Westbank  with a club based near their employment and homes.

The Westbank Club is part of the Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs and proudly upholds its mission, purpose and motto.  Westbank was named Desk and Derrick Club of the Year in 1996, 2003 and 2004.

MISSION STATEMENT: To enhance and foster a positive image to the global community by promoting the contribution of the petroleum, energy and allied industries through education by using all resources available.

PURPOSE: To promote the education and professional development of individuals employed in or affiliated with the petroleum, energy, and allied industries and to educate the general public about these industries.

MOTTO - "Greater Knowledge - Greater Service


2018 Board Installation

Left to Right: 2018 Region III Director, Carol Schiavone (New Orleans Club); Angie Duplessis, President; Judi Adams, Vice President; Theresa Adams, Secretary; JoAnn Brown, Treasurer; Vera Ledet, Director; Bonnie Wall, Director; Susan Miller, Immediate Past President

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Westbank Desk & Derrick
P.O. Box 2875
Gretna, LA 70054-2875


Desk & Derrick Club of the Westbank
P.O. Box 2875
 Gretna, LA 70054-2875

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